Wirex’s bitcoin funded debit cards have seen favorable reviews. Now, users can use any popular cryptocurrency to fund their cards. Wirex has announced via press release that it has integrated Shapeshift, enabling “dozens” of the alternative cryptocurrencies supported by that platform. Shapeshift also posted the news on its blog.

Wirex offers both virtual and physical VISA and MasterCard debit cards. Customers can use the physical cards virtually anywhere, including to withdraw cash from an ATM. While VISA or MasterCard will charge fees, they are far lower than the exorbitant fees typically charged at Bitcoin ATMs. Wirex sees itself as a complete alternative banking solution. They allow users to hold both cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies on their site, filling many of the roles Banks generally fill.

Shapeshift is an exchange that enables near instant conversions of various cryptocurrencies. Users don’t need to sign up, they simply deposit one kind of cryptocurrency…

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