Here is an updated ccMiner 1.7.6-r10 Widows binary of the Nanashi Meiyo-Meijin fork (source) with optimized Lyra2RE and Lyra2REv2 performance. The latest r10 update fixes the hashrate issues that were present with other versions of ccMiner on the latest Nvidia Pascal GPUs such as GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. You can see a brief test of the performance of the new 32-bit Windows binary of the miner compiled with VS2013 and CUDA 8.0 below.

ccMiner 1.7.6-r10 Neoscrypt performance:
– GTX 1080 – 985 KHS
– GTX 1070 – 889 KHS
– GTX 980 Ti – 840 KHS

Just as a reference the latest ccMiner fork by SP has managed to provide just about 365 KHS on GTX 1080 and 668 KHS on GTX 1070, so now you can fully utilize the performance of the new Nvidia Pascal GPUs for mining NeoScrypt-based crypto coins. Do note that the results quoted above are with

To download the latest ccMiner 1.7.6-r10 with fixed Neoscrypt on Pascal for Windows OS…

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