2016/08/26 5:07 PM

The hugely popular messenger application, WhatsApp, has changed its privacy policy in order to share more user data with its parent company Facebook.

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WhatsApp Changes Privacy Policy

This move has some WhatsApp customers feeling betrayed as it seems to directly contradict previous statements made by the company. It is also the first time the firm has chang14159814_1048106625285163_981647464_ned its privacy policy since it was bought by Facebook in 2014.

Regarding the data sharing, WhatsApp said that it will ultimately benefit its users by helping to stop spam and other abuses. Additionally, it would also offer people  “better friend suggestions and more relevant ads.”

Also, Facebook will use the data to match people who have exchanged phone numbers on WhatsApp, but have not added each other as “friends” on the social networking platform.

Facebook provided an initial list of items that the messenger app would be sharing with…

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