2016/11/17 3:12 PM

The Waves platform, a decentralized application (dApp) platform spearheaded by Australian-based loyalty program Incent, has released the open source code to enable supporters to set up their own full nodes. This will ensure the platform’s further decentralization and operation.

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Customers Can Launch dApps, Create Own Tokens on Waves

By enabling the Waves platform to decentralize further, it will grow in computer power, become more secure, and serve as a basis for other distributed apps (dApps). Moreover, because customer businesses can launch their own customer application tokens (CATs) on Waves, businesses will have increased opportunity to engage with their customers using modern, transparent and blockchain-based rails.

Peter Godbolt, Incent’s lead developer, said:

“Waves has some great functionality that makes it a very good fit for what we’re aiming to do with…

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