2016/10/26 1:00 PM

Vulture Capital, working with Hedley Productions to integrate cryptocurrency into the film industry, has announced that the crowdsale for its VCAP token has raised the required minimum of 45,000 Ether to start the pre-production process for the first crypto-funded feature film: Listen Carefully.

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At press time, the 45,000 ETH minimum raised by the crowdfund equates to $522,261 USD, roughly 15 percent of the $3.5 million Hedley said it needed to comfortably produce the film.

However, in light of achieving its minimum crowdfunding goal, Hedley Productions has decided to move up the start date for Listen Carefully’s  filming from its late 2017 estimate to March. Vulture Capital said that it will continue to seek funding both through the VCAP crowdfund and new film and tech investors.

Despite building a loyal following around the film project, Hedley Productions said…

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