2016/08/08 8:21 PM

During a hearing in Tacoma, Washington, a US District Court Judge made some critical comments regarding the security of the anonymity software, Tor.

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FBI Can Crack Tor “Like Eggshells”

US district judge, Robert J. Bryan, made public record some thoughts he had regarding Tor. According to the judge, it was not wise to use the anonymity software as he believes the FBI “can go through that like eggshells.”tor

What’s more is that Robert J. Bryan is the same judge who suppressed FBI evidence in the child pornography case that was obtained using the now infamous Tor exploit, commonly referred to as the “torsploit.”

For those who are familiar with  Tor, Judge Bryan’s comments come as no surprise as it has been known for a while that the FBI has the ability to get around the anonymity software.

Ever since Silk Road was shut down, people have been doubting the security of the Tor…

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