Bitcoin Breaking News Brief

2016/08/11 7:55 AM

TradeZero has announced today that they will be partnering with Jered Kenna to create an off-chain “Dark Pool” exchange on their platform, in addition to their commission-free stock and ETF trading services. The exchange will implement multisig and insuring through BitGo, and fee-less currency (digital and fiat) trading within their system. The Nassau-registered broker will also be accepting opening balances in BTC.

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TradeZero Bringing BTC to Traditional Finance

Jered Kenna, progenitor of Tradehill, moneyandtech.com, and original owner of the bitcoin.com domain, is a blockchain entrepreneur and known quantity in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. His partnership with TradeZero in the creation of an off-chain exchange indicates a serious intention to lean in on Crypto trading.

tradezeroTradeZero’s platform caters to those with more than passing interest in…

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