There is no doubt that the images created by members of the bitcoin community and cryptocurrency enthusiasts have been an important driver of cryptocurrency popularity. After all it is difficult to imagine how money exists as a combination of cryptographic keys and how a record of its transfers is kept on a blockchain. These images not only help us rationalize this new way of dealing with intangible wealth, but are an increasingly important tool in the world of marketing. Nevertheless, not all of us are especially good at creating images, so in a world in which these are a crucial tool to convey a message, an app like Prisma can go a long way to help.

Prisma’s Instant Fame

Prisma was launched about a month ago, and it quickly became one of the most widely downloaded apps in the Apple app store. An Android version quickly followed and users are spreading like wild fire. Bloomberg even reported that more than 650 million images have been processed so far using the app. Given its…

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