2016/08/02 12:00 PM

Biometrics is a new and effective trend in the security industry. HYPR deploys biometrics in financial applications, but also adds the benefits of decentralized technology to enable enterprises to eliminate passwords and replace them with biometrics.

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HYPR: Biometrics Decentralized

HYPR blockchainThe blockchain biometrics firm, which has worked with Fortune 500 and Global 2000 firms on proof-of-concepts,

Rather than storing fingerprints, facial features, iris images, or voice patterns, an end user’s biometric signature is encrypted and stored on-device in a decentralized manner.

“So while today a large financial institution might warehouse passwords for users of their consumer-facing mobile app, with HYPR our partners do not store passwords or biometrics—this information is distributed across thousands or millions of mobile or desktop devices,” George Avetisov, CEO…

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