2016/08/15 5:00 AM

Don’t be alarmed by the current slump in the bitcoin price. In fact, there is still cause for optimism. The market is going through a reversal pattern to the $700 level, where a congestion area should reinforce quotes for another climb to $820, keeping us right on track to hit the projections advanced last week.

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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bulls Still in Control

Long-Term Analysis

bitcoin price

After testing the lowest support at the $580-$600 level, prices should enter an upward reversal pattern soon, which will allow an initial pull back to $700, extended to Fibonacci´s technical objective at $820.

The next stage could be an upward rally into the new technical cycle, which may be delayed until big players accomplish their marketplace. An ascending support ensures the breakout into a new bull cycle.

Mid-Term Analysis

bitcoin price

Now, while quotes are testing the support…

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