2016/09/05 12:00 PM

Synereo, the Israeli blockchain computing platform best known for its decentralized social network, is releasing more details about the full technology stack it plans to release later next year.

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Synereo is also about to embark on another stage of its fundraising drive with a token offering to follow the one it did in 2015, and is offering rewards to developers wishing to build apps for the platform.

The Stack

The company revealed that its platform will consist of four layers: the blockchain layer it calls RChain, a system for distributed content storage and delivery across the network called Special K, a native programming language called Rholang, and a layer of decentralized apps on top.

These apps include Synereo’s social network — also referred to as Synereo — which is a rewards-based platform based around native currency AMP that allows users…

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