2016/08/23 8:18 AM

Be careful not to misspell the domain of your favourite exchange or crypto information site – the chances are that it’ll redirect you to Coinbase Registration Page. No – set your tinfoil hats down, Coinbase isn’t trying to syphon traffic away from their competitors. This is a shady independent actor trying to cash in on their referral program. We have the complete list of his owned domains and details below

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Referral Spam Exploits Typos, Crypto Newcomers

Imagine you’re new to crypto, and you’re looking for information. A friend links you to coinmarketcaps.com, or mistakenly types botfinex.com, or one of countless other typos to get you started on an exchange. You land on the registration dialogue for Coinbase, register, start looking at the charts, and think nothing of it. The problem is – instead of going to the resource that you originally intended, you end up at coin base, and the moment you buy…

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