In a few years when people look back at the huge Pokémon Go craze, they will certainly refer to the game as part of a gaming revolution, a standard bearer that will serve as a milestone for other games to come. When it comes to the game’s relationship with the bitcoin community, commentators will probably see a blunder in hindsight. Although Reddit threads suggest that the bitcoin community is split insofar as its enthusiasm about Pokémon Go goes, those bitcoin users who do play would certainly like the option to pay for the game with coins. Those who do not play, could be swayed to do so if the game offered some of the advantages that bitcoin use offers.

Bitcoin in Gaming

The gaming sphere has been relatively slow to adopt bitcoin outside of gambling. Probably the most prominent game that has adopted bitcoin is Minecraft. PlayMC launched the idea of rewarding players with bits on Minecraft, which are worth one Satoshi. Nevertheless, few gaming endeavors have embraced bitcoin…

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