2016/09/22 8:12 AM

SINGAPORE — The New Economy Movement (NEM), a Java-based blockchain platform, has announced a 100 percent increase in rewards on its “Supernodes.” Previously earning 70,000 XEM per day, Supernodes now receive a daily reward of 140,000 XEM.

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New Economy Movement Supernode Rewards Double

New Economy MovementSupernodes, designed to be “high-performance,” serve a “crucial” purpose in allowing the network to support light wallets, said NEM developers. Supernodes also play a role in supporting mobile applications and third-party applications using NEM APIs, developers said.

In order to start a Supernode, NEM users must have a “delegated account bonded with at least 3,000,000 XEM,” the team said.

These high performance nodes work in addition to…

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