2016/09/23 9:07 AM

Another drop is in the books. The bitcoin price has fallen by about $10 USD since our last price piece and has hung around an even $600 for over 24 hours. However, a new announcement from the Winklevoss Twins’ Gemini exchange may give the price another bump.

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Enthusiasts have shown mixed reactions to bitcoin’s current state. The new Fed rates announced just a few days ago were expected to have some influence on bitcoin’s price, but so far, that influence seems to be non-existent. While gold and USD have changed somewhat, bitcoin is remaining relatively steady in its current position. This serves as possible evidence that the coin has lost some of its volatility, and is learning how to “play it cool” in an ever-changing financial environment.

However, changes are sometimes slow to occur. Maybe, the time for keeping a close eye on bitcoin…

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