2016/07/29 8:10 PM

Forget Pokémon GO (please) — real-life bitcoin collecting game Takara has added support for Counterparty assets. That means you can now pick up an almost-unlimited array of tokens and digital trinkets as you walk around.

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Takara, which at this stage is iOS-only, means “treasure” in Japanese. It’s the first demonstration of fungible in-game assets deployed in an augmented reality application.

This means that, as well as bitcoin values, players can now collect tokens representing coupons, tickets, loyalty points, company stocks, game items or anything else creators can imagine.

Users bring up a map of their local area with a smartphone, showing locations of all nearby tokens. From there it’s a matter of traveling to the exact spot and using GPS to pick them up.

Takara in Fukuoka

To ensure players actually travel to the token location, token “droppers” can also…

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