2016/07/15 5:00 AM

Researchers at MIT have devised a blueprint for a new kind of anonymous network, called Riffle, that they believe will be just as secure as Tor, if not more so.

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Apparently, the proposed scheme is more bandwidth efficient than Tor, and can guarantee anonymity as long there is at least one honest server — a proxy server working to sustain system integrity as opposed to a malicious client attempting to undermine it for personal gain. 

Riffle: A Tamper-Proof System

mit RiffleAccording to the project’s white paper, “Riffle: An Efficient Communication System with Strong Anonymity,” the project employs a series of proxy servers, or nodes, that mixes up the order of messages before sending them forward to be received by other nodes. As long as one honest server exists the performance of the system should remain steady.

The Researchers explain how their proposed system will…

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