2016/09/12 7:35 PM

Beginning in October, Microsoft will begin it’s new patch policy that will release new patches as rollup updates. This could put businesses and other’s in a sticky situation of either having to accept the risk of not applying patch updates or doing so and potentially disrupting mission critical apps.

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Microsoft “Rollup Updates” Could Create Headaches for Businesses

In the past, Windows patches were released individually, which allowed people and system administrators to selectively apply them in a piecemeal-like fashion.

With the new patch policy, users will no longer be afforded this freedom and will have to accept all patches that are issued with each “rollup,” which are simply multiple patches rolled together into a single update.

It was in August when Microsoft announced the new patch policy that it would be applied to for Windows 7, 8.1, Windows Server 2008 and Server…

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