2016/11/08 5:00 AM

Jeff Garzik, CEO and co-founder of Bloq, has been appointed as the organization’s representative on the Linux Foundation’s Board of Directors. 

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Garzik Providing Linux Foundation With Bitcoin Technology Expertise

Jeff Garzik Garzik, formerly a 10-year employee at Red Hat, brings a wealth of Bitcoin Core development experience back to the leading open-source software development foundation. The Linux Foundation is spearheading a conglomerate of organizations involved with the Hyperledger Project, of which Bloq is a member. Garzik’s presence on the Linux Foundation’s board should hopefully help to bridge ongoing efforts in the open source, Linux world with advancements in the cryptocurrency space.

Garzik will join a board which already contains members of giants Cisco, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP, IBM, Intel, Oracle and Samsung.  Speaking to this development, Jim Zemlin, Executive…

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