It seems like a country that could adopt bitcoin as its national currency, would be more of a dream than a reality. After all, economic systems and fiat currency are well entrenched even in the most volatile nations on earth. But what if the country aiming to adopt bitcoin as its national currency was in the process of being established? This is the story of Liberland, Vít Jedlička’s brain child.

The Case for Liberland

Although Liberland is still far from complying with the Montevideo criteria to proclaim itself as a country, – it still doesn’t have a permanent population, and some may argue it doesn’t have a government – its leader, Vít Jedlička, has already claimed a disputed territory as Liberland’s land. The territory in question, is a 7km^2 piece of land along the Danube River – an international water way – that remains unclaimed as a result of a border dispute between Croatia and Serbia. The territory is within the internationally recognized border of…

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