2016/11/06 5:00 AM

As organizations realize they can cover costs by printing their own money, they’re increasingly looking towards creating their own forms of cryptocurrency to access funds. These altcoins can take on a wide variety of shapes and forms, with the underlying technology or mining incentives varying or often mysterious from coin-to-coin. The deluge of altcoin tokens in circulation has muddled investors’ ability to discern legitimacy from myth.

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Which Altcoin or Asset to Trust?

Alex Sunnarborg Lawnmower

Alex Sunnarborg

With over 600 altcoins currently in circulation, there is an increasing need for more vetting and research around these experimental currencies. Without this, investors are at significant risk from “pump and dump” schemes or fraudulent technology which can cause a full loss in investment. There’s a market need to sift through the noise and identify altcoins that are in alignment…

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