2016/07/28 3:26 PM

New smart contract and distributed apps platform Krypton is in the process of expanding its project by networking, seeking to secure $2 million USD in funding from private investors.

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Krypton is intended to be an alternative to Ethereum, and is in fact a fork of it.

It launched in February 2016 when interest in smart contracts, DAOs and DApps was gaining traction, but planned a network with a smaller initial token release, lower inflation and faster speed than Ethereum.

The KR currency trades on Yobit and Bittrex, and is currently trying to get a listing on Poloniex.

Krypton’s Security Focus

Given recent developments, Krypton’s focus has been more on creating a secure platform. It plans to completely re-write the Krypton virtual machine (KVM) in a language “more secure than Golang” and a native contract programming language other than Ethereum’s…

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