KeepKey, an American bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer, has partnered with ShapeShift to allow customers to securely exchange cryptocurrencies from their device and make instant transactions with a two-click process.

This marks ShapeShift’s first collaboration with a bitcoin hardware wallet manufacturer and a “huge step forward in security for traders,” the companies said. For the first time, users are provided with the ability to securely store and trade cryptocurrencies without having to expose their private keys to the Internet.

“[Users] can swap whatever they like, whenever they like, without the hassle of setting up multiple wallets or addresses or signing up to various exchanges,” said Darin Stanchfield, CEO of KeepKey. “For traders, it is exciting to dramatically improve the speed and efficiency of the currency exchange process.”

According to Erik Voorhees, CEO of ShapeShift, the new collaboration will provide significant advantages for early adopters and…

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