2016/10/13 12:26 PM

On October 6, 2016,  Decentral made the decision to integrate the Augur coin, REP, onto its multi-platform wallet, Jaxx. This decision created some buzz around the crypto-community, and CEO Anthony Di Iorio says there is still more to come.

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Augur Joins a Growing Number of Platforms on Jaxx

Jaxx’s addition of Augur’s recently released currency gives users the option of 8 different platforms to choose from when accessing it.

In addition, the integration of REP by Jaxx provides another way of storing the crypto, making it more widely accessible in general.

REP’s availability on Jaxx will allow users to manage REP in one place, providing more convenient and superior access for users to enter prediction markets, both for those posing questions and thousands of others betting on the likelihood of future events.Augur

Decentral’s decision to add REP was a long time coming, as they had…

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