2016/08/07 5:00 AM

A few days have passed since the infamous Bitfinex hack, and already bitcoin is showing signs of recovery. Since our last price piece, bitcoin seems to have risen by an impressive $17, hovering at around $588 at press time.

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Are Hacks Like Bitfinex the Norm?

According to one source, the majority of bitcoin users seem to have largely “shrugged off” the latest hack, despite its being the second largest attack in history after Mt. Gox. One might assume that cyber-attacks and similar problems have become “the norm” in users’ eyes; they expect them, they anticipate them, and when they occur, they try not to get too upset.


Such an attitude wouldn’t be too out of the ordinary. Despite the security of the blockchain, many see bitcoin and digital currencies in general as somewhat vulnerable. Ethereum was victimized by a hacker just weeks ago, and last year…

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