2016/07/22 9:00 AM

Bitcoin has suffered another drop. Falling $13 since our last price piece, the digital currency now hovers around $666 at press time (sorry to all you religious people out there).

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One source explains:

“Bitcoin price looked to be advancing only to bump against the resistance ceiling. How to trade in the coming days (or weeks) is dependent on how the market negotiates $680.”

In our last report, bitcoin was priced a $679, and as the source clearly explains, was on the verge of hitting $680, but now such a move has failed to take place.

Several occurrences could ultimately decipher what bitcoin will do next and whether it moves north or south. On the positive side, there are several regional factors that we must take into account. Bitcoin and digital currency, in general, is earning quite a reputation in Latin America. Recently, the region was introduced…

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