2016/09/08 5:00 AM

Innocoin is a new WordPress widget that allows visitors to websites to buy altcoins without making an account at an exchange. The widget works with any website based on WordPress. Webmasters just need to download the plugin and enter your bitcoin and email address in order to get started. You can reportedly do it all from within the WordPress backend.

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Innocoin is an initiative of Dirk-Jan de Groot and Peter Reitsma. Bitcoinist sat down with Dirk-Jan, co-founder of Innocoin and front-end developer, to discuss the ins-and-outs of his project


Dirk-Jan Speaks on Innocoin

How did you get into bitcoin?

Myself personally I read this article on Wired in June 2011 on the silk road. The thing that caught my interest in that article was the reference to Bitcoin; an ‘untraceable digital currency’. At that time the price was already going up very fast (I believe it was around $30) so I…

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