2016/09/01 9:00 AM

Drug dealers find solace in Monero, Shopawl accepts bitcoin, and the era of traditional banking may finally come to an end. Check out the stories below to catch up on your latest tech and digital currency news.

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Monero dark net drug marketsAt just two years old, Monero is one of the world’s newest altcoins. Despite its lack of experience in the digital arena, however, the price of the coin quadrupled early last month, and the coin is earning newfound popularity among drug dealers thanks to its promise of more privacy. AlphaBay, one of the dark net’s leading drug sites, has announced it will begin accepting the currency on September first.

The company explained in a Reddit post:

“Following demand from the community, and considering the security features of Monero, we decided to add it to our marketplace. We expect this to cause a spike in the price,…

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