2016/07/22 12:00 PM

Charlie Shrem is released from prison; Ethereum successfully “hard-forks,” and the Bank of England may issue its own digital currency. Want to catch up on your latest crypto-news? Take a look at the stories below.

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Bitcoin evangelist Charlie Shrem has been released from prison after serving one year of what was originally set to be a two-year sentence. Shrem was arrested at JFK airport last year after speaking at a Bitcoin conference in Europe. Shrem was charged for helping a BitInstant customer covert USD to bitcoin that would ultimately be used to purchase drugs through the Silk Road marketplace.

Charlie Shrem

In a blog post, Shrem posted:

“I want to thank the hundreds of people who wrote, sent books, money, magazines, and their support. There are no words to describe my appreciation and affection to all of you. Thank you so much.”


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