2016/09/30 11:43 AM

Dash partners with Coinfirm, the U.S. forms a caucus to create digital currency policies, and users are warned against OneCoin. Want to catch up on your latest digital currency and tech news? Read the stories below.

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Digital currency Dash is partnering with blockchain compliance platform Coinfirm. The company is set to provide Dash with an easy route into the “hearts” of businesses and corporations looking to allow digital currencies as potential methods of payments for the purchases of goods and services. The best news is that the partnership is not slated to interfere with Dash users’ present levels of privacy.

Dash’s director of finance Ryan Taylor explains:

“Coinfirm offers its customers truly world-class tools to meet regulatory requirements in an easy and effective manner. Dash benefits greatly from Coinfirm’s integration by…

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