2016/10/05 7:47 AM

The financial crisis of 2008 bankrupted the tiny country of Iceland, and a few years later a digital currency called Auroracoin was released to all residents as a way to change how they approached money.  Many saw it as potentially becoming the first national digital currency, but it never reached its full potential.  Now, renewed interest in Auroracoin is putting it back into the minds of those in the crypto world.

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The financial crisis of 2008 led us into what has been called “the Great Recession.”  The crisis was felt worldwide, including by the small, but beautiful country of Iceland (population of around 300,000), home to volcanos, breathtaking vistas, the Northern Lights, and the distinction of being the first nation bankrupted by the crisis of 2008.

Those of us knowledgeable about Bitcoin also recognize 2008 as the year that Satoshi created the digital…

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