2016/10/10 12:36 PM

Bitcoin has risen seven dollars since our last price piece. Presently, the coin is hovering around $618, and Bitcoin enthusiasts are likely feeling impressed right about now. More good news may be on the horizon, as Bitcoin activity in India has ramped up considerably. 

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India the Source of Bitcoin’s Next Big Rally?

Image result for india bitcoinRecently, funding records set by Indian bitcoin conglomerate UnoCoin launched the Asian country into digital superstardom. China may still be the dominant force behind bitcoin’s success in Asia, but India is certainly rising through the ranks, and now it appears things are on the verge of hitting new heights.

The Diwali festival is just around the corner, and according to one analyst, the festival (as well as similar celebrations) tend to have positive effects on bitcoin and digital currency usage. A huge deal in India, Diwali is…

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