2016/10/19 11:08 AM

GameCredits is proud to announce the addition of their gaming cryptocurrency to Yuanbao, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in China. Established in 2013, Yuanbao is one of the oldest Chinese exchanges, and now has over 200,000 registered traders on its platform.

GameCredits is a three year old currency developed specifically for integration into the gaming industry. To date, it is the only cryptocurrency adopted by real world gaming developers for inclusion into popular mainstream games. Currently, these games have an audience of over 15 million registered gamers.

GameCredits was able to pass what many in the industry consider the most intense review process of any altcoin currency exchange in the world. Yuanbao did a comprehensive three month review of GameCredits history, development team, and leadership. Because of its strong reputation among Chinese currency traders, Yuanbao only lists the most popular and useful cryptocurrencies. To…

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