2016/11/02 1:00 PM

The Expanse Project has announced the development of a blockchain-based voting platform, which, according to developers, has “the potential to change the dynamics of future elections.”

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Expanse Wants to Take Voting to the Blockchain

Expanse Borderless.TechAccording to a press release, this new project will provide voting services secured by an immutable blockchain. By virtue of the blockchain technology, said the Expanse team, their voting protocol will store voting data forever in a tamper-proof manner that is accessible across the globe.

This platform reportedly makes voting easier, while making it harder to get away with voter fraud.

As stated in the press release: “If anyone were to cheat, that cheat would also be recorded on the blockchain to ferret out later,” suggesting that fraudulent voters would have no way to conceal their crimes.

If the voting system functions as…

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