Following the apparent shortcomings of the soft fork solution to the DAO hack, Ethereum will be implementing a hard fork on July 20th. This highly controversial measure has pitted purists against the rest, but seems to be the right move regarding the majority of Ethereum stakeholders. In fact the hard fork solution has gathered a lot of support, which is seen in the relative stability of the price of Ether.

Critics, Purists and Stakeholders

For most stakeholders, the hard fork is quite a logical choice. For purists and other critics, the hard fork goes against the principles the project stands for. To understand why the hard fork is going to go forward despite the criticism, it is necessary to view the problem at hand through 2 different prisms. The first one is probably the simplest one. It has to do with the options available after the soft fork option was ruled out. Ethereum can choose to either go for a hard fork, therefore righting the wrongs, or it could just do nothing at…

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