Only a week ago, Ether was in shambles. The price went as low as $8.57 USD on a combination of factors that appeared to be overwhelming the Ethereum network’s value. But its potential for value creation despite numerous setbacks and exogenous impacts, managed to attract enough investor confidence. Now, although Ether is still about 40% lower than its all-time high, its market cap is back over the $1 billion mark. This may signal that some of the fears that users and investors had surrounding the future of Ethereum, could have dissipated.

From the DAO to the Bitfinex Hack, Through a Hard Fork

Ethereum has managed to face all the challenges and survive in a surprising manner. Surviving a an attack like the one the DAO suffered, to implement a hard fork and then get hit by the fears that an attack to a cryptocurrency exchange generated, is nothing short of amazing. There is no doubt that Ethereum weathered storms that went way beyond what has become the usual rite of passage (some…

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