Ethereum can’t seem to catch a break. The promising network, which saw its cryptocurrency rise from $1 USD to a peak of around $20 USD in just six months, is now trading within a range of $10 to $11 USD. The now well documented attack on DAO, which saw hackers take away about $50 million USD in Ether, sparked a rush to implement a solution that would bridge the security gaps in the underlying code. Vitalik Buterin and other members of the organization, tabled a soft fork solution that won a vote of confidence from the community. However, before the implementation of the soft fork took place, a professor at Cornell University, along with 2 students, discovered that the proposed soft fork generated other vulnerabilities.

Ethereum Doesn’t Have Good Options

Since the soft fork option is no longer viable, Ethereum will likely move to adopt a hard fork solution. Under this solution, DAO tokens will be traded at a rate of 100:1 for Ether. The network will vote again on a solution, but…

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