It is no secret that not all Ethereum users were comfortable with the hard fork solution that took place recently. A considerable amount of them chose instead to stay away from the post-fork Ethereum, retaining instead the old chain in which the DAO attack will remain an immutable part of the blockchain’s history. These Ethereum members constituted Ethereum Classic. This split within the Ethereum network, will allow its members a choice that has no precedents. They will also automatically be entitled to claim their Ether in either blockchain. This situation is also interesting to analysts following the success of Ethereum, the price of Ether and those who will document how the outcome of the split will affect similar choices in future blockchain projects.

Enough Miners Secure Ethereum Classic

Since most of the members of the Ethereum community agreed to the fork, some casted their doubts about whether Ethereum Classic would be able to have enough mining power to secure the…

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