2016/07/24 2:59 PM

Ethereum blockchain explorer <ether.camp> has kicked off its second-annual hackathon, featuring a grand prize of $50,000 and “significant rewards” for runners-up.

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Ether.camp EthereumHackathon contestants will be provided with a set of tools that they will use to build an Ethereum-based app, competing for money and “maximum exposure and recognition in the cryptocurrency industry.

The $50,000 grand prize will be paid out in the cryptocurrency of the winner’s choosing.

The competition, which started on July 19, was open to everyone who wanted to enter.to participate in the <ether.camp> hackathon.

<Ether.camp> expressed their enthusiasm about the hackathon they are hosting, saying that it is “The only virtual hackathon where you can take your idea…

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