2016/09/04 4:45 PM

ECHO, a distributed, peer-to-peer and encrypted messaging and digital payments platform, enables people to exchange encrypted text, audio, video, and image messages. It also portends to allow users to send money and even pay at places like Starbucks.

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ECHO social media

“We enable anybody to exchange encrypted text, audio, video, image messages plus transforming digital payments into taking a simple picture,” CEO Christoph Hering told Bitcoinist.net.

The CEO says users will be able to send digital fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP as well as leading crypto-currencies bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin via e-mail, phone number or ECHO ID. ECHO promises a lot, including 100 percent private chats and payment channels in an easy-to-use platform.

“Our users benefit from instant, cheap and secure chat and money transfer services based on the BitShares Blockchain,” Hering said. “ECHO…

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