2016/09/15 3:53 PM

LOS ANGELES — The International eBoost society has announced what it calls “the world’s first” cryptocurrency specifically designed for use in competitive gaming. Branded the “eBoost token,” the cryptocurrency acts as an in-game currency that facilitates wagers on player-versus-player matches.

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The eBoost Gaming Coin

eboostThe eBoost team told press that creating a cryptocurrency to allow eSports betting was simply logical. “eSports games. . .are considered games of skill and therefore it is legal to have tournaments in virtually every global jurisdiction,” they said in a press release. “In addition, many global markets also allow for wagering by viewers.”

“We see eSports and in-game cryptocurrency as [a] supremely logical fit,” eBoost co-founder Marshall Long elaborated, who serves as the “chief gaming officer” of the token.

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