2016/11/12 8:47 PM

The second major EtherCamp hackathon kicks off in just a matter of days with ideas that range from practical blockchain applications to ambitious overhauls of societal institutions.

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Tomer Kantor, co-founder at Proof of Work Media and a close associate of EtherCamp, said the team is looking forward to watching the hackathon camps build upon their initial ideas as the competition progresses.

“There are so many ideas that have excited us, and there are definitely some firm favourites amongst the team,” Kantor said.  

“The thing that really excites us . . . is that no matter what our personal views may be, it’s the community that gets to decide [the winner].”

Ideas From the EtherCamp Hackathon


Freeing the Internet: Decentralized DNS

ethercampDifferentiating itself from other hackathons, EtherCamp’s competition takes place entirely online, something competitor, Pax founder,…

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