2016/11/17 9:47 AM

Today, November 17, 2016, the second-annual EtherCamp hackathon begins. Developers and entrepreneurs around the world will go head-to-head in this five-week event, creating Ethereum-based applications and presenting them to a panel of high-profile judges.

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EtherCamp Hackathon Begins

ethercampAt the end of the five-week competition, the judges — including names such as Erik Voorhees, Adam Draper and Jaan Tallinnn — will decide which project deserves the $50,000 USD grand prize, made payable in a cryptocurrency of the winning team’s choice.

Coinciding with the hackathon’s launch is the initial rollout of EtherCamp’s new Virtual Accelerator platform, designed to let competitors raise funding for their projects while simultaneously presenting their work to potential investors and advisors.

At press time, both the hackathon and the Virtual Accelerator are in their initial stages, with competitors…

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