2016/08/06 5:00 AM

The decentralized digital content distributor, DECENT, is getting ready to launch its ICO in September. People can already participate in the ICO, though, through the project’s bounty system.

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DECENT ICO and the Bounty System

According to Matej Budo, the ICO will begin September 10th, but for now, people can engage in bounties to participate in the pre-ICO campaign that allows people to earn DECENT tokens (DCT). This reward system opened to the public on August 3.

DCT bounties or rewards can be earned by anyone sponsoring the project in some way, such as following it on Twitter, Facebook or some other form of social media. The bounty system will account for 1 million DCT out of 38 million that will be allocated to pre-ICO campaign funds.

Additionally, by participating in the bounty system people can earn stakes, according to which, the developers will count proportionally towards each…

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