Bitcoin Breaking News Brief

2016/07/17 10:32 AM

Ethereum’s DAO hard fork update landed on GitHub yesterday, allowing users to vote on whether they support the Hard fork that will refund the DAO after the attack that drained around four percent of the total Ethereum (approx. 50 million US dollars worth at the time)  in circulation from the smart contract.

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Ethereum Reaches A Crossroads with Hard Fork Update


This hard fork update, if successful, would wipe one of the biggest failures to happen in the cryptocurrency ecosystem away, giving the people with a stake in The DAO (and others who suffered from the subsequent price depreciation of the currency) a sort of bailout. The default option enabled in the update is to vote ‘yes’ to the fork, a decision that has frustrated those who believe a fork could damage Ethereum’s viability in the long-term.

“Geth 1.4.10 “Return of the ETH” is the…

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