[Edit: Unconfirmed reports are also surfacing that Cryptsy’s UNO wallet has been drained into Bittrex. We are investigating that now.]

Paul Vernon, the disgraced owner of closed exchange Cryptsy started a new exchange out of China, it has been confirmed by a representative of that exchange. The same representative claims Paul Vernon is not involved with the exchange now, but evidence seems to suggest otherwise.

The site, BiteBi9 originally had a design similar to Cryptsy. A former Cryptsy developer, admitted to working on the site, though the developer was unable to confirm or deny Cryptsy’s ownership of the site. The site was registered by someone using an email with the @projectinvestors.com domain. Paul Vernon is the founder and CEO of projectinvestors.com and is still listed as the owner of its register.

Cryptsy owns bitebi9 com 1

Cryptsy owns bitebi9 com 2

The site was also registered in Dalian, in the Laoning province of China, the same city that reports pointed to when they stated that Vernon was in China.


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