2016/08/08 6:08 PM

The former secret service agent, Shaun Bridges, is attempting to appeal his ruling on some dubious legal grounds. So dubious, in fact, that his own lawyer is asking to be removed from the case.

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Bridges’ Lawyer Wants Out

According to reports, Bridge’s lawyer has deemed his legal argument as largely worthless, saying that the appeal contains only legally frivolous claims.

For those who don’t know, Shaun Bridges is the corrupted agent who participated in the Silk Road investigation. Last year, Bridges was sentenced to 71 months in prison after pleading guilty to stealing money from Silk Road dealers while investigating the site

Bridge’s own lawyer said that after reviewing all the relevant information he had concluded that Bridge’s appeal was going nowhere fast, explaining:Silk-Road

“After having carefully examined this record and after having researched the relevant statutes and case…

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