2016/10/07 4:15 PM

Shake, the service that creates VISA debit cards you can load with bitcoin, is opening beta testing to the public. A bunch of new features is also on the way to complement the service.

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Tap-and-Pay, Plastic Cards, All With Bitcoin

Shake is launching the open beta after a successful six-month alpha testing period. Famously, the test saw BitGo engineer Mason Borda order a Tesla Model 3 using a virtual Shake card for the deposit.

The Canadian company currently offers apps for Android and iOS. Users with NFC-enabled phones can also use them to make tap-and-pay payments at store terminals. Those without can still use the apps to create “virtual cards”. Still others can use the Shake website to create cards without any mobile device at all.

Mason Borda's Shake Tesla Receipt

Mason Borda’s Tesla Receipt, paid with Bitcoin via Shake

Shake is also shipping physical plastic cards. Though it…

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