2016/07/19 10:13 PM

Charlie Shrem, former CEO of early bitcoin exchange BitInstant, has been released from prison after serving a sentence for money laundering and unlicensed money transmission.

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Shrem Released From Prison

Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem and his partner, Courtney

Shrem announced his release (which actually happened a few weeks ago) in a blog post on his home page, titled “Onward.”

In the post, he said he and his partner Courtney were living temporarily in southern Pennsylvania, and that he was enjoying “all the small things I missed while I was away.”

Shrem thanked the people who supported him and communicated with him while he was in prison, especially those who sent him items from his Amazon wish list.

“I want to thank the hundreds of people who wrote, sent books, money, magazines, and their support,” Shrem said. “There are no words to describe my appreciation and…

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