Bittrex has added Ethereum Classic, further complicating the Ethereum hardfork situation.

Initially, the Ethereum hardfork appeared to be going smoothly. The situation then got complicated. Members of the community continued to work on the old chain, creating “Ethereum Classic”. Later, Poloniex added Ethereum Classic to its markets, sparking a debate in the community.

Speaking to CoinJournal, Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara explained that he feels the new coin is stable and large enough to warrant being added to the Bittrex system. He did stress however, that it was not an indication of the exchange’s position on the Ethereum Core vs Ethereum Classic debate.

“[W]e take emotion out of the equation when adding markets or listing tokens. It isn’t our role to judge the worthiness of projects. If our users want to trade an asset and it doesn’t violate our listing guidelines, we list the token. We run an exchange and don’t trade. We’re not in a position to predict…

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